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Contact Us!  Click on the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page.

Ask questions. We are happy to help you provide information about Macie, Ty and their pedigrees.  We can also provide more details about the application and reservation process. You can also schedule time to visit Macie.

step 2

Once you decide on a Lavina Grove puppy we will send an application for you to complete and return with the fee to hold a pup.  At this time you can share details with us about your puppy’s forever home. Information like the type of hunting you will do, any competitive canine sports, tracking, etc. will be useful. We will help socialize and acclimate your puppy prior to them leaving us for their forever home.  If your dog will be in water we can introduce positive water experiences early.  If you have young children we will ensure our little family friends visit.  Do you have stairs?  Great - we will work on that, too.

step 3

Shortly before it is time for your puppy to go home, you will receive a list of suggestions about what to bring when you pick up your puppy, the food to have ready, items for a comfortable ride home (if traveling in a vehicle) and more.

When your puppy does go home, we will send your little friend with a Lavina Grove Puppy Pouch so they can start life away from Lavina Grove with an easy transition.  Your job is to ensure the best life possible for our Lavina Grove friend.  We hope you keep in touch with us by sharing photos and stories of your life together and accomplishments for us to share on our Lavina Grove Facebook page and website.